Friday, August 24, 2012

Juno is an asshole


I love this video. LOVE it. I want a yellow suit and yellow adidas shoes. I want to be the yellow suit guy. Because he is ballin out of control. Pretty sure I have watched this video about 20 billion times and have the horse dance down pat.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have horrible hand writing - I actually tried to find ways to improve my hand writing a few months ago lol  - as you can see I didn't find anything helpful. 

Here's the meme from flutter happy:
  1. What is your name
  2. Blog URL
  3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  4. Favorite quote
  5. Favorite song (at the moment)
  6. Favorite band/singers (at the moment)
  7. Say anything you want
  8. Tag 3-5 bloggers
Try it out and leave me a link in the comments so I can see

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first gif!!

I have had "learn to make a gif" on my to do list for like months! And I finally did it! It is a bit rough and I need to learn to keep the camera in the same place but it is done!!! Go me!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I feel like Amelie

I don't know what it is about this bottle but I always feel like Amelie when I use it. Probably because she is holding a glass bottle to tone her face that is very similar in the movie. You know the part - where she is in the bathroom and drops the cap and it rolls and hits the bathroom tile against the wall knocking it lose. 

Plus the scent is very delicate and what I imagine is very french. Oohh La La!

Totally Obsessed With Yoga

Not sure what happened - but I am so obsessed with yoga right now. And not just any yoga but hot yoga. I feel so ... I want to say fancy, if that is the right word for it, whenever I practice hot yoga.

I would like to know how to do my own yoga flow at home. Just to be able to roll out my mat and just move. Since I am a beginner - I will keep it to swan dives and downward facing dog at home until I learn more moves. Until I will keep learning in the yoga studio.

Although I do wish the yoga studio that I go to looked more like these:

And less like a room looks like an office with cheese lights and a small yoga banner. 

Why I Don't Paint My Finger Nails

7 Reasons Why I Don't Paint My Finger Nails ..... A True Story

1. Makes my hands feel heavy
2. Right hand looks like it was painted by a crack head
3. Chips off by the next day
4. Clothes that match the nail color are dirty
5. I bite my nails
6. When I rest my chin on the palm of my hand all I can smell is nail polish
7. Obsessively check out my nails 24/7

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sponsor My Blog

Would you like to sponsor my blog? Because that would be awesome!!

Here are some stats to show you that supporting my blog is something that is not only awesome but a smart business decision.

6 people visit my blog on average. Based on their referral clicks 2 of those people came to my blog on purpose.

There were about 3 times when I got over 100 hits because some famous blogger mentioned me. This of course was in the last 3 years.

I blog an average of once a month. Although this month I have already blogged about 4 times.

Thanks so much for your consideration!


*7 Places I Would Like To Visit...

1. Paris (Going this Spring!!!)
2. Vancouver
3. Alaska
4. Newfoundland and Labrador
5. Antarctica
6. Iceland
7. Rome (Going this Spring!!)

*7 Things I Would Like To Make...

1. Pud Thai
2. A beautiful home
3. This cowl
4. A not tacky cat wall
5. A Gif
6. A zip bag that is actually cut straight
7. A piece of fabric art

*7 People I Would Like To Meet (Alive Or Dead)...

1. Sarah Richardson
2. Nadia G
3. Whitney Cummings
4. Chelsea Handler
5. Victoria Beckham
6. Clint Dempsey
7. Nina Dobrev

*7 Things I Would Like To Own...

1. Waffle Iron
2. This bench
3. A home with a living room like this
4. Land Rover
5. A home
6. This blanket
7. Shoes with a herringbone pattern

*7 Things That Annoy Me...

1. North Carolina Summers
2. People not giving you enough room to pull out of a parking spot
3. Not saying thank you
4. Coffee grounds everywhere
5. Not listening
6. Sunshine
7. That I am lazy

*7 Films I Love...

1. Amelie
2. Battle Los Angeles
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Constantine
5. Blade 2
6. Star Trek (2009)
7. The Matrix

'*7 Funny Words...

1. Pacos
2. Scuba (The Venture Brothers)
3. Poop
4. Yankin
5. Eeehhh (What the Canadians Say)
6. Super
7. Mew

Survey idea taken from here

Odds and Ends

I have got that song - "short people got no reason to live" stuck in my head for some reason. And considering I am under 5 feet tall it gives me pause why it would be stuck in my head. The only reason I can think of is that the song is rather catchy. My old boss when I worked in the Emergency Department over summer years ago would sing that to me.

It has also been wondering through my head that I am going to start lying about my height. If I start telling people that I am 5 feet tall - would they be able to tell I am really not? Denis mom says she is 5 feet tall but we are the same height. And really - no one can tell how tall I am except other short people. Just like all tall people look the same height to me unless they are standing next to each other. True Story!

New obsession: learning to make a gif. I plan on making gifs of my cats and drawings and other random things to entertain myself with since stamp making has gone out the window. Maybe I can combine the two so I will be interested in making stamps again.

Also I tried that 52 letters for the year - and stopped after about my third one. Not sure if I am lazy or don't have the attention span for it.

We are getting our couch delivered on Tuesday!

Only ours is a sectional. Pretty excited to finally get rid of my old couch that I have had since 2004! It was in great condition too until Pumpkin and Juno came along and started using it as a scratching post. :/ We are trying to sell the old girl but no one is really interested. 

And speaking of new - I really want to get out of this apartment. Our kitchen is just TOO small. SO SMALL! We have no room for anything. Gah!

I have also been redecorating like crazy - well - moving pictures and stuff around - getting rid of things. I guess I am just trying to make the best out of this place. I would love to own a home so I could PAINT! Ohhh how want to paint! I need COLOR in my life. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Washi Tape is probably the most versatile craft product around. It can decorate books, calendars, laundry pins, ornaments and pretty much anything you can stick tape on. Haha.

The first and only place I have ever purchased Washi Tape was at which really does have tons of cute tape and great prices. I have around 20 rolls of Washi Tape purchased from and probably will buy many many more. 

I use the Washi Tape to mostly decorate letters and cards that I send out to friends and family. As well as decorate my journals. 

Here is a link to my Washi Tape board on Pinterest. Tons of ideas! I am sure I would stick the tape on my cat if I could. ^_^

If I won the giveaway I would totally go crazy and buy more washi tape! Haha

Burt's Bees

I have a small obsession:

This is all the Burt's Bee's stuff I have gotten since NOVEMBER! I got one little lip gloss and I had to have EVERYTHING! LoL

Everything is great - the citrus face scrub works so well with the lemon poppy facial cleanser. It feels like you are putting cream on your face after giving it a good exfoliation. 

The rose water toner is super refreshing - especially after taking off your make-up for the day.

The almond milk hand cream is a little too creamy for my hands - but is PERFECT for my feet. LOVE IT!

The res-q ointment is really nice when you have a headache - a little bit behind the ears and along your neck. Helps you relax a bit. 

The lemon cuticle cream - well I haven't really seen a difference in my hang nails - but then again I am not that great at putting it on everyday. 

The lip balms are awesome - the lip shimmers make your lips feel fresh because there is a bit of mint in them. 

All the other stuff I have yet to try - since it is travel size and I am going to Europe in the Spring - I thought I would just take it with me. 

All in all I think it is a pretty good product - plus it is made right here in North Carolina! 


I love this quote from the Serena & Lily catalog. This quote truly reflects my passion for collecting stuff. When I was younger I would just collect random crap and then go through a phase of trashing it all. As I have gotten older I have learned to collect that which is useful and beautiful. My ability to curate is reflected in my journals of course and my slow and steady shift to make a beautiful home.

As you may or may not know there is this website called Pinterest that is a visual pin board of sorts where you can "pin" everything you love from different websites all into one place. Pinterest is a place where you can curate different boards with things that interest you. I adore Pinterest simply for the fact that the whole thing is visual. Not just random links with a description. It also strokes my ego that I have about 200+ followers.

My blog only has 6 followers. So you can see why I would take this opportunity to crow that 200+ people think I have very good taste. LoL!

Young House Love started a Pinterest Challange where you go into your Pinterest and make one thing that you have "pinned" up to make. I admit my crafts board is getting pretty full of stuff I have yet to make - lol. But I do use my hand carved stampspaper craftwashi tape and Yumm-O the most. 

Give Pinterest a try. I think you will be very pleased with the boards you can curate. Something to pull inspiration from as well as collect things that inspire you in once place and at a glance. 

Journal Of Sorts

So I am not very proficient at journaling. The main reason is that I am lazy and feel that the details of my everyday life are not very interesting. As much as I am inspired to write down my life as others have done, making the most boring every day thing the most artistic and interesting -

via: 1
                                     via: 2

I can't bring myself to like anything that I do. There is no beauty in what I create. At least I don't think so. (I feel kind of lame saying those last two sentences, but it is what it is) And Ira Glass may be correct in this:

via :3

But when I draw something or write my day out in a journal I just hate it. I hate my hand writing I hate my style of prose - I will even hate the color of my ink. Which in turn leads me to this hot mess:

which didn't really solve my displeasure with my journal. Ira says practice makes perfect but it just makes me want to stab myself in the eye when I see anything that I draw or write. I feel like I have no originality - not even enough to take what others have made and be inspired to make it my own. 

There was even this one time I  tried to write down my days in French so that the most mundane things looked beautiful and interesting while at the same time I could learn a little bit of French. Not sure what happened to that whole thing -think I forgot I was doing it until just now. LoL!

This blog is even a struggle to express my self and still like what I have put down. The one thing (two things I should say) that I have journaled or collected if you will, is a book of quotes and a book of packaging that I am pretty proud of. Well not proud - but I take pleasure in building them up and looking over them from time to time. 

My book of quotes I have had for about 3 years and I write down anything that catches my fancy. Quotes from great novels like Anna Karenina all the way to quotes from the comic Dilbert.

It is just a great little book to capture things that make me smile, think, laugh, cry, etc. Since I have such a goldfish memory - it is nice to have something to capture these phrases and quotes. Although I still think my handwriting sucks. 

True story - I actually spent a week trying to Google ways to improve your hand writing. Pretty sure I was using the wrong search phrases because I didn't find a whole lot to assist in improving my written word. 

My other journal is a scrap book of packaging. Packaging from my kindle, vodka that Denis brought back from the Ukraine, the package that held a pack of 3 nail polishes - really anything that I find beautiful. When ever I go shopping or get something in the mail - I never open it right away because I just love the lovely package and newness of all of it. 

These two journals I love and can curate - and as for my "art" / "scrap book" I will have to do as Ira says and keep working at it. Not to give up. "Never give up! Never surrender!" - Galaxy Quest 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not Enough Toothpaste

People say that variety is the spice of life. This phrase I mostly attributed to food. My eating habits being what they are (I eat like a 6 year old and mostly have the same thing over and over and over until I can't stand it anymore and move on to something else. Which I then eat over and over and over until I can't stand THAT anymore and it is just a vicious cycle) this phrase did not really apply to me. 

The phrase does apply to my toothpaste. As you can see here, I have crazy amounts of tubes of toothpaste floating around my bathroom - and not because I am a crazy coupon lady - but because I enjoy brushing my teeth with something different everyday. 

You can imagine my shock when this greeted me last night:

And this is the only toothpaste that was left:

THREE TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE??!?! And two of them the exact same kind of toothpaste!?? Are you fucking kidding me?! Shit. Not cool. 

I need to get to Target ASAP to replenish my toothpaste. 

Just in case you were wondering - I did have some different kinds of floss. Cinnamon, mint, and some kind of clean burst stuff - but they don't make the cinnamon anymore - which actually was my favorite. Made me look forward to flossing strangely enough. 

Oh and here is a funny story related to brushing my teeth - sometimes when I get hammed and go to bed with out brushing my teeth (i.e. blackout) my horrifically smelly mouth will actually wake me up from a dead sleep. It tastes horrible to the point I have to get up and brush my teeth in the middle of the night before I can go back to bed. Strange right? 

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Love Yarn Balls

I don't know what it is about yarn balls - but I think they are like the most adorable thing in the whole world. Other than my cats of course. And kittens. And panda bears. And red pandas. Lets not forget little baby girls. And babies in animal costumes. And my nephew Logan.

Back to yarn balls - so this year I am going to make a yarn ball garland - of course the foam balls cost a crap load so I have to buy one package at a time with my 50% off coupon. Unless I can manage to drag Denis with me. Then I can get two at a time.

So I was looking at Pinterest for how to make the yarn garland and I saw all of these pictures and was like OMG - I love yarn balls. LOVE THEM.

I WON!!!

So one of the blogs that I follow My Himalayan Cat Goma had a contest to win this stuff:

Who had just come back from Japan with a bunch of souvenirs. So I entered - and I WON! And I never win anything. Ever. So here it is:

As you can see - the little globe didn't make it. But it is still cute anyway. And let me tell you a funny story about that - so I opened the package and saw this little guy with some glue stuff around it and the little kitty had fallen off. And I was like - ohhh no! But with a little glue I could fix it back no problem. And then I was thinking about everything that I won and was like - wasn't there supposed to be like a snow globe or something? And then I shrugged and was like oh well. And then when I pulled out the shirt and all this glass was everywhere I was like - Ohhhhhh! That little guy WAS the snow globe. Boy did I feel silly.